He wears them in every show the stinky Ugly Brown shoes we call SUBS....didn't know they were lucky for him....superstitious guy just like most of us.

I saw them in India for the two shows and also managed to steal them from his suitcase when they were loading the cargo in his plane pussymagnet.....hahaha........I hope he comes back to get them...Damn hes gonna kick my butt for that.

Psssst.....Im gonna send them to someone we all know, to polish them....hahaha

India is missing you already Enrique....come back soon



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Enrique will be busy with kicking everyone's butt. Thank god he doesn't have to do mine ! LOL !

Hildeke !

Thanks for making me laugh Megha...this topic reminds me of Iona :)

Same here dear...Im glad we can laugh here together ....sometimes I miss the fun and fans who used be here before....


I know the feeling mi hija Megha. We had so much fun. Gosh, the stories that went around here. Hehehe ! Soooooooooooo funny ! LOL !

Tu Madre !

Guess Enrique can smell his stinky shoes himself....Do you know what it feels like to bare the stink of your ugly shoes


See ... this is what Mi Amor Fernando has to put up with every day when he's on tour with Enrique. Poor thingie. If Enrique is already doing this what is it like for him ? Auw ! Next time I will give Mi Amor Fernando a spray so he can put it in Enrique's boots when he's a sleep ! Hehehe !

Tu Madre !

hehehehe....I think Enrique will soon come out with another business of...Foot Spray....I will need one of those too for myself.....hehehe   The packing will have a warning ....If you are using it for Enrique's shoes please wear a gas mask before spraying. and also Keep out of reach of children and Enrique.


Fernando will be coming before every concert to spray it on stage so that when Enrique comes nobody is unconscious or choking of the stinky smell of the shoes....lmao

Yep, and while doing that he has an oxigenmask on. Poor thingie. First dealing with those smelly boots in the airplane, hotel, car, ... and then having to spray the whole stage with something anti-smelly. The poor thing just can't breath fresh air anymore. I really have to get him over here at my house. Full of fresh air and rain and cold. Euh, wait ... now he doesn't wanna come either cause weather sucks. My oh my oh my ! Bad boys ! LOL !

Tu Madre !

Maybe if I put the boots in my fishpond they won't be smelly anymore. Hehehe ! Ahum ! LOL !

Hildeke !


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