He wears them in every show the stinky Ugly Brown shoes we call SUBS....didn't know they were lucky for him....superstitious guy just like most of us.

I saw them in India for the two shows and also managed to steal them from his suitcase when they were loading the cargo in his plane pussymagnet.....hahaha........I hope he comes back to get them...Damn hes gonna kick my butt for that.

Psssst.....Im gonna send them to someone we all know, to polish them....hahaha

India is missing you already Enrique....come back soon



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Lol :)

Theres an interview about the Shoes too...from 7DaysinDubai

Female fans will be dressing up in their finest to try and catch the attention of Enrique Iglesias at his Dubai World Trade Centre show on Friday.

While the girls will be glamming up, the Spaniard will have chosen his own wardrobe carefully.

The Latin heartthrob’s show is being billed as the biggest indoor concert ever staged in the Middle East, and in a recent interview on Virgin Radio Dubai’s The Kris Fade Show, the 37-year-old let listeners in on a little secret - he’s superstitious when it comes to his shows.

  1. Enrique Iglesias faces a costume drama - Superstition plays a part in singer’s wardrobe

He explained: “I have my lucky boots which I wear onstage. I do get very superstitious in this kind of way. If I have a good show then immediately I think to myself ‘oh, I’ve got to keep wearing the same things that I was wearing for that show’.

Also, whatever routine we had backstage, I then try to do exactly the same too if it was a good show.”

The ‘Finally Found You’ singer has already played the UAE twice, taking Dubai Media City by storm in 2004 and also playing a private party in 2008.

He believes music fans are in for the best show yet as he promises a mix of the old and the new.

“You know what, my setlist has changed so much through the years,” he said. “From songs like ‘Hero’ to ‘I Like It’ or ‘Bailamos’, it makes things more diverse than ever really. And in the past three to four years I’ve been having more fun than ever onstage.” 

The son of ‘To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before’ crooner Julio Iglesias, Enrique also has Filipino roots thanks to his journalist mother Isabel Preysler.

Throw in some award-winning tunes and you’ve got a pop star with global appeal. But despite the constant attention, he’s one star who is happy to meet his fans.

“They are what makes it worth it. You might be having a bad day and then you get to meet one of your fans, and you think ‘what was I complaining about?’ I’ve got the best fans in the world.”


Ahh.We love you Megha and Enrique...cute topic...great interview..thanks...Sarah

Yes Megha!

I also heard it!   And unfortunately (for us) he cannot touch his "lucky charm boots".

Nothing must change......

Hahahaha, he just asked me if I knew where his shoes are.... I'll send him back to India ;)

Yes Nienke....kidnap him in a sack and parcel him to India just when he arrives I'll send the brown shoes to Holland...lofl

Are you freakin' kiddin me? you can't be serious Megha you didn't steal his shoes right? you're just messin with us i know that :-P By the way to be honest i really love his dressing sense which is pretty decent and classy. Since I've been his fan especially his shoes cos they are the kinds i prefer to wear and have always loved those types of shoes. Also saw Jeans opened up from the bottom to make it longer haha man i swear to god i used to do that few years back and lookin at him when i saw him in Pune i was like damn somehow without knowing did things my Guru my Dude did. He can put on even simple clothes like jeans and T-Shirt and a cap and attract all the girls towards him as you all girls say he is a PUSSYMAGNET hahaha ;-)

Sitting here reading BABY GIRL MEGHA'S cute lil story, the interview and all the comments to follow......shakin' my head and gigglin.

ASIF........I do believe she is just "messin with us" :D

With Enrique not with everyone here.....

Na really mi hija Megha. Tsk tsk tsk ! Couldn't you behave no ? You really had to steal them ? Cause no way Jose that Enrique would forget about them. And if so then Mi Amor Fernando would say : how come it's not 'smelling' in the airplane. Something is wrong. Stop ! Return immediatly ! The Stinking Brown Shoes are missing. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Everyone going crazy on board. Cause Enrique starts to hyperventilate and needs a paperbag to blow in and out but they can't find one so they take a bag where you can normally ... euh ... vomite in and gave that to Enrique. But the idea that it's a vomingbag makes him sick and then he starts to vomit as well.

By this time Fernando is all red and sweaty which I find unbelievable sexy and hot and muy caliente and want to come a board. But Abel doesn't want that and has to run after me when the plane landed again. Everyone at the airport is like : who is running on the tarmac ? Police coming over with their cars arresting Abel. Cause I'm innocent he was chasing after me. Andres is going nuts cause now he has to go to the police to free Abel. So in the mean while there is a policeforce at mi hija Megha her house and they all start to look for the Stinking Ugly Brown Shoes. But they are not used to the smell and lots of them got to be hospitalized.

Finally mi hija Megha comes to her senses and give the Stinking Ugly Brown Shoes back to Fernando who get an escort to the airplane. There he finds Enrique in tears so he hands them over and Enrique jumps up and starts to kiss Fernando who doesn't like that and now he's running away while Enrique is going after him to get him back on the plane.

Oh my, what a chaos. And that all for some shoes. You would become for less superstitious !

So might this be a lesson to all of you ... don't mess with Enrique's Stinking Ugly Brown Shoes. You see what happens then. Oh my lord ! LOL !

Hildeke !

Lol!!! this seriously made me Roll on the floor while LMFAO!!!!

U have a CRAZy imagination =P

Hi hi hi, I know ! Thanks :o) !

Hildeke !

PS In the earlier days we always had topics like this with crazy stories that we made up. Gosh, we had fun. As you can imagine ! LOL !


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