Enrique at a golf course in Mexico (July 13, 2013)

Picture by @AustinTaute 

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Thanks for sharing ... 

I love golf ... 


thanks 4 sharing

Thanks for the heads-up..You should sent this picture to Froggy LOL..he's a golf fanatic..although this looks more like a store than a golf course- maybe it was at one of those hotels where there's a golf course included..I think I read once Enrique likes playing it as well every now and then..he may not have the patience for it though LOL

Ok.....:) my summation of what we see above, enrique inside mens clothing store,runs into a guy( dont ask me who it is!) but apparantly he wants a pic with accomedating enrique ! :))

oh and from the looks of it he gets a good one ;) thanks for the pic Thenomik

Thanks for sharing ...

Have you ever guys pay attention to kike`s T-shirt pic? ;) ;)


Nasi y Nafi

thanks for the photo! Enrique looks tan and healthy! good to see

I love that polo shirt lol
Enrique and I should play golf one day, that would be amazing :D

Thanks for sharing

Hopefully Enrique isn't playing golf with those clothes ... LOL

LOL..not sure the rules are also applied for celebrities..it was probably at a vacation place so I guess the rules aren't as strict then anyway.

Why? No jeans and polo shirt... :D He looks better than me when I'm playing golf... :D


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