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Thanks for sharing ! It's nice to see him out there again. He's looking good as always and I love his shoes :-)
I wonder what the press conference was about .. Did anybody hear it ?

Thanks for sharing My Bro

nice pics... Viva Enrique

Ur Welcome :)

Thank you for sharing. Great pictures!

tanx cristina

Welcome to Morocco amigo.

Love pictures! Wish we were there! Miss seeing him on stage!

wow! the last picture!! thx!

Ananta..this is exceptional is it not...kerplunk...phew...Sarah

Thanks sooooo much,,,now it really brings me teaes because i am sure he is not a figment of my imagination and he is so regular people but willng to be the star too..what a position...Eshan and everybody see his neat sweater..LOL..these are what i love tight now, theyse soft fitted ribbed cable granny and now favorite sis knit,,LOL..sarah

I love that last picture. You can even see his eyes through the shades. He looks as gorgeous as ever....

But security over there was crazy. Nobody could even come near and he didn't have a chance to go to his fans. 


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