I really do appreciate his acceptance for his gay fans and the gay community as a whole. We are all humans here and we shouldn't segregate based off sexuality. Enrique makes me smile knowing when he looks out to the crowd, he doesn't see male, female, straight, gay, he sees his fans. I have seen a couple of concerts where he has brought up people who are gay and it only makes me love him as a person more. Not many straight male musicians are confident enough to be able to kiss their fans, gay or not.I think this needs recognition because we need to appreciate the little things Enrique does. I also wonder if there is a gay community here in EI.com because we should should embrace all people the way Enrique does.

                                                                       -Mrs. Sad Eyes, LGBT supporter

--- Tell me about your stance on Enrique's love for all fans and we can share videos and pics reflecting this. 


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