Don't know if it's true, but here is an article.

You can use the translator. 

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And I thought they were already married.

Congratulations Enrique but please don't stop making music.

This is  probly the 8th time they were married, don't believe it. they use Enrique to sell magazines, Enrique himself has said he doesn't need to be married it's just a piece of paper to him, if it were true you can bet AK would have a huge wedding to rub it into all the fans faces....

Why do people have such negative opinions of Anna Kournikova? Just curious, I've only become an Enrique fan in the past year and don't see where the negativity is coming from.

for me it goes way back when she was cheating on Enrique with Derek Jeeter,in Las Vegas when he was doing a show that night, what a bitch she was, I lost all respect for her back then ...  Enrique has said a number of times he has no intentions on getting married it's just a piece of paper to him, he's happy with the way things have been a nd are at the moment, the media uses it to sell newspapers and magazines....

It's all speculation but didn't Enrique cheat on her too? One time in a nightclub bathroom with a woman named Emma Kearny? 

Also wasn't cheating the reason they broke up in 2013?

Maybe they were both cheaters in the past but might have stopped now. 

I don't know why you are asking when you clearly have the links to prove it, you answered your  own question, but I saw pictures of her with Jeeter and I was at Enrique's concert in Vegas that night, he was not to happy, rather drunk, he still put on one hell of a show....

I put up links because I said it's probably speculation/rumors.

whatever, you put up the links and had the first article, so you were clearly coming here to bait people into your comments, I'm not playing into your little game, you ask questions that you answer yourself, Kournikova is a bitch that still won't change whether you believe it or not....

But if Enrique cheated on her too, how is he any better?

Like I said, it's all speculation. We're fans of his music, but that doesn't mean he, or anyone else in the world, is perfect. There's no need to be so defensive. 

Defensive, I'm not playin your little game about speculations/rumors you clearly had these links to back up you story, which is all gosspi, there were pictures of her with Jeeter....

What a crock of BS!  The article says that her little brother/son whatever he is will pay for the wedding!! Like Enrique would ever allow that to happen! Enrique is full of pride and very independent, he would never agree to that.  This is just another publicity stunt so that AK can stay relevant.  Its like the boy who cried wolf... LOL

LOL, I did find it strange that her brother would pay. Anna and Enrique are rich. Why would they get a child to pay?


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