Hi every body :

Who wants to go to Dubai ?

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Which 1 is better?

Silver or Gold or Platinium Standing?what s difference ?



N& N

Do not know answer to question but would guess Platinum is best..lol on the thud guy...but hope you 2 get to go!!!

Hahaha...yes.we had told many times to EI to come at least Dubai coz Iran is very near to Dubai (It takes 2:30 hours by flight).

We are happy but we are praying that our boss let us to have day-off that day.

Do u know  if we can buy tickets when we get there?because we are not sure to go there & we cant buy tickets from the site.so we decided when we go to Dubai ,buy the ticket.Dont u think its late & maybe the tickets will be finishe?



Nafi y Nasi

Perhaps a Hotel concierge could help you when ypu got there if sold out but it will then be a second run ticket maybe....it will be someone who buys them to sell them and double or more original price maybe..oh dear..but when a will a way..sorry no more help..maybe someone from there could give info here??

haha,,Thank u Sarah,...:):)

but 1Q,do you know if we buy from the site,the tickets will be sent to our home?

Sorry..I do not know about out of country around the world.....if you can contact them they can answer..if you can  contact them and get a confirmation e-mail in your hand and then confirm with concierge the tickets are at hotel.. that they will hold the tickets in Dubai or send to your hotel...then I would have no problem....I just don't know dears...that is my best knowledge or assumption..guessing is all I can do with reason.

This is what I did with a second tier group who bought the tickets to sell again when I went last minute to concert and travelled from my state..big state..tiny people wise to California big state big people wise...for Gibson concert 2/2011...Good Luck!!!  You see I had to bid on last minute cheaper travel to make it and then get ticket like 36 hrs before the show....Sarah


Thank u :) :)

I think Dubai concert would be amazing

Unfortunately I cant go because of school but maybe my uncle will : he lives in Dubai

ohhhh,can you ask your uncle if we can buy the tickets when we get there?

I asked him by a message on facebook,I`ll tell you when he answers.

Ok,Thank you,we are waiting for ur reply...:) :)


N& N


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