I`m just wondering about that!!!:) I`m wondering if Enrique looks like his father,`cause I can`t see that,I can`t see that he looks like his mother too!!!:S but once my mum told me that Enrique look like his father,so I`m curious to know if Enrique has something from his father(face,smile,eyes,etc.),`cause I don`t think so!!! :S what`s your opinion? :)

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let me see... my opinion is that enrique has beautiful parents...and in apearence he took something from both his parents...maybe his fathers smile,his mothers eyes...but still enrique is unique in apearence. altho the combination of both parents together produced"the most handsome man alive" :))
"Combination of both parents together produced the most handsome man alive" totaly agree with you ;D
Well..he has something from both Julio and Isabel..Maybe it's not so evident.. But if to see old Julio performances (better black and white..)..you will see lots of familiar movements, gestures while he sings..;))
Yes, I think he looks like a bit with his father, but Enrique is much more gorgeous...

Oh something i forgot to mention both farther and son i noticed have a habit of hiding one eye with a hand when they are embarresed...or breaking into histerical laughter...sort of a shy gesture, and its adorable :)
No now, but when julio was young.. Oh god!! He looks just like enrique...i am gonna show u a video and u will tell me yes or no.. Haaa! I was like.. Damn! Julio was cute when he was younger.. Hahaa!
sooo?? what u think?? Just like him, the eye browns...oh god!!..so cute! hahaha....
Just a litlle bit...look here

but he's the one and only:D
maybe...I just have saw an interview with he and his father and I think that they sing in the same manier, they have romantic songs and they make people feel good. But is a big diference between Enrique's music and his father.
Enrique looks like his mother(same face)
maybe not physically resemble his character in his gestures. but what if I'm not sure that Enrique Iglesias is only inherited the best of two to surpass and go far surpass that if the perfect is very very very beautifuly sssseeeeexxxxyyyyyyyyyy say his father is as sexy enrique iglesias enrique iglesias infinitely more sexyyyyyyyyy


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