I have read that sometimes Enrique appears drunk on stage. I would be very surprised that he would drink enough to affect his performance. When someone is unaware that they have diabetes certain symptoms of the disease can manifest to make someone appear drunk. Please get your blood sugar checked, Enrique. Your health and life may depend on it.

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In Atlanta he asked who else was getting drunk. I'd say he should either earn an oscar for his performance or else he was rather intoxicated. Drinking has been a part of his shows at least since I saw him the other time in Chastain Park Atlanta years ago. At one point on June 25, 2017 I could clearly see that he looked very different, I was hoping it was the lighting but I was thinking that he didn't look ok, his color was way off. After seeing him in that moment, I was surprised that he was giving such a good performance despite of being ill. I was actually kind of scared to see him looking like that. In any case I hope he is drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest.

He's very thin. I hope he eats well. 

He looks perfect!

Not glad to work?

I saw him too to drink rum Atlantico during his concerts and he drinks RedBull too. It's not good. And he works a lot. Sometimes I feel that he's not glad.
He likes the fans and the concerts. I think sometimes that his life is not happy.

Lanaroo - I don't mean the work. I mean his "home".

I don't know what the surprise is.  People have been saying for awhile that he has a problem and that he's not happy.  Look at him! In the past 2 years he's become a walking skeleton.  But his fans don't see it.  To me there are alarms and sirens. But who am I...  I pray for him every day. 

What type of problem? Hopefully not alcohol.

The veins on his arms stick out a lot.

Yes, I see that he's very thin. He miss the happiness.

He doesn't have an ounce of happiness in his life anymore.  Not even performing doesn't brings him pleasure anymore.  He doesn't have anyone by his side.  But no one wants to admit it.

But doesn't he have Anna, friends, family and his dogs?

All my tears fallen I knew the reason why he looks like that, his life has a wall and limited

how I am dreaming to get back, if I have the right to say, I will do ...I want to save him      to save his life very  little things the gap his a giant and I am so small I will find the way, so that he could get back his insperation

I'm still confused. What is making him so sad?


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