Disappointing and very sad (Budapest 03.11-12.)

Excuse me bad English knowledge...

More than ten of his years we wait for it Enrique concert in Budapest. We do the Hungarian fan web page and FB since long years. We visited into the neighbouring countries Enrique kocert: Bratislava, Zagreb, Vienna. We were happy when we found it out finally after 18 years in Hungary.

The concert europe
his Hungary leader promised us an encounter , his knowledge we deserve it.

We are very grateful to him, he did everything in order for the encounter to come into existence.

He did not succeed after all. Because people  who were not fans went in before us. A common photo was wanted with only a famous man…

We were waiting patiently, we were not pushy, we our misfortune. From one of the moments onto the other one:” there are not more photos” Quasi drove away from the site.He was shocking.We did not can what to do, we had to go away.

I don't understand? Was not onto us one minute? Were we many people?

It was known that people_nation wait for an encounter…

After these, I was not able to enjoy one single of the minute of the Monday concert. :(

We did everything, what a plain people may do in order for a Budapest concert to be allowed to come into existence.

Did not deserve Enrique's time a minute. Disappointing and very sad.



We managed to reach away this:

Thank You!!!!!

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Thank you that you have written! 
You are right in everything...
but this is not necessarily good...
Hope remains, maybe in a couple of years I'll be lucky again.

My hope also remains.. I don't give up, just pressed the pause this year..) I think everything happens on the right time.. probably when it comes, my and EI's passes will cross) 

Ketty Good luck once again and I hope you see him.

I agree with you, but it still annoying that Latin America comes first. I remember that he used to praise Mexico in many of his interviews and it made me roll my eyes and sulk a bit. It was if (mainland) Europe was never good enough :). I know that it comes down to his popularity and music market in general, but still... Could we have more chances?

I absolutely don't believe with Latin America thing. That is for the past.....Gone are the days.

Why does he make singles in English?

Enrique is still the #1 selling International artist in India and not once but every single he releases goes to be #1. I suppose he is more popular in the countries like the Middle East - Dubai, Bahrain, Azerbaijan and countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, etc. He has not even toured Singapore...I think he did Australia long back

It is sad that he does not even tour some countries Japan or Philippines. Makes me sad.

Lol.. I remember that I was surprised but Enrique was really popular in Dubai.. I heard him about 5 time while I was travelling for a short time..I was surprised because I didn't hear him in Spain.. and I've been there a lot.  It was strange to me. 

Yes he is popular in Middle East and parts of Asia.

He went to Spain (Santander) the last time and they had so much of controversy.

What do you mean you don't believe into? He's top selling latin artist.. he will never had such sells in Europe as in these countries.. Mexico, Argentina. They travel after Enrique all these years. I saw the fans in all shows.. I'm sure I will see some fans in Moscow's show from Latin America as before.. Fans are standing in Mexico in a raw since the early morning to be first to enter the stadium where he performs. it's not like in Paris. This is crazyness.. I don't know if I could wait for that long lol.. 

In order he tour Singapure, Japan and other eastern countries there should be a lot of extra work done special for these markets.. As for Japan, China.. It's difficult with them.. You should know their peculiarities to become succesfull there.. Do you know why EI is not popular there lol.. It's very funny but there's no sound R (letter R) in Chinese!  So how can you become a famous singer with a letter that doesn't exist in the alphabet... When Chinese start to learn european languages they go to study with speech therapists to understand how to produce the sound. lol. In Vietnam there is no letter L... lol. 

Not EI related... i now cooperate with an interesting project "Art without boarders".  It's all about selling art to world's markets VIA CHINA. So China now become a platform from which other countries buy art..  It's actually really hot what's going on there on the art market.. like another revolution and seems like China will now influence a lot on  the world art market.. e.g. here Enrique gets 1600$ in aucions for Save the children, and there it can be a starting price for an A3 artwork that we brought there.. But there are so many peculiarities that I learn while working.. we (from more western cultures) won't get them without some explaination from locals. Cinema and music is also very interesting to China.. but I guess there are even more peculiarities with them.. their tastes are specific too, the formats on the radio are different from the west and it should be known when wrtie music...  Like from what I see, they like bright colors and bright music.. Bright to them is something that is surprising in music..like a high note, or an unxpected tune in the middle of the song, which is totally out of formats in our radio stations (in mainstream)... In order to be rotated on the radio in China his songs should be remade (re-sound-designed) to what might be in high demand amoung the locals... it's a hard job and he should also live there for a while to appear on tv, do some PR.. why to do these effords when you're on TOP on the other part of the world..  

Maybe the fans in Latin America are more crazy than the European market.

My point is he has also good sales in European countries. Imagine a show in Prague the tickets were sold quickly and hence he had to add another show so the same applies to countries such as Slovenia or Budapest. Probably he could even add another tour date to Israel. Am sure he would make a lot more money.

BTW forget China or Japan. He should tour countries where he is popular.

My friends here are talking about a M & G being so active running a Fan page / Club.

You wrote as a professional. Yes, he is a businessman, he knows how to be successful... BUT I think the problem is that we all are different. Different countries, different markets, different mentality. He can go to Europe or America and get a sold out show. The venue will be full not like here in Moscow. The prices for tickets are very high and someone cannot afford them, not because we don't love him here.

And I think if someone is lucky enough to meet him, it's just the right time for them to meet him and they deserve that moment! ;) :)

Just like that.



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