Disappointing and very sad (Budapest 03.11-12.)

Excuse me bad English knowledge...

More than ten of his years we wait for it Enrique concert in Budapest. We do the Hungarian fan web page and FB since long years. We visited into the neighbouring countries Enrique kocert: Bratislava, Zagreb, Vienna. We were happy when we found it out finally after 18 years in Hungary.

The concert europe
his Hungary leader promised us an encounter , his knowledge we deserve it.

We are very grateful to him, he did everything in order for the encounter to come into existence.

He did not succeed after all. Because people  who were not fans went in before us. A common photo was wanted with only a famous man…

We were waiting patiently, we were not pushy, we our misfortune. From one of the moments onto the other one:” there are not more photos” Quasi drove away from the site.He was shocking.We did not can what to do, we had to go away.

I don't understand? Was not onto us one minute? Were we many people?

It was known that people_nation wait for an encounter…

After these, I was not able to enjoy one single of the minute of the Monday concert. :(

We did everything, what a plain people may do in order for a Budapest concert to be allowed to come into existence.

Did not deserve Enrique's time a minute. Disappointing and very sad.



We managed to reach away this:

Thank You!!!!!

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Thank you for the photo Gilmar!!! :)


Am sorry that the Meet and Greet was promised by someone and then it did not happen. Try not to get lured by such idiots.

Many a times the Rich and Famous people get in queue to meet Enrique Iglesias where as the fans who actually deserve it have to work hard to get to meet him and sadly sometimes not able to meet him.

It has happened in my country too back in 2004 when I attended the concert. All the celebrities got enough time to talk chat and take a picture with Enrique.

The Event Organisers told / instructed the fans not to ask autographs, no talking with Enrique.......blah blah

You should have tried to get in touch with Enrique team maybe that would have helped......Better luck next time.

Be happy that Enrique toured your country and he had 2 concerts in a row...........am already waiting for Enrique in this part of the world.....it has been 6 years already ....hope he tours soon to my country.

Thank you you are the compassion, very kind one!!! :)

The concert the Hungary headmaster of an organizing firm promised the meet (concert europe) We believed him...

He did not cause disappointment. Did everything what his opportunity allowed...a thousand thanks for him!!!! <3

Enrique team the encounter depended, this very sad one. :(

It would not have been necessary to wait for it possibly patiently. To go in with the first twelve men...The encounter succeeds then...

Unfortunate, that my own country a dream did not succeed :(

Thanks for your clarification. Who were those twelve men???

I hope the Enrique team helps out fans so that they can meet Enrique.

twelve men/ people may have gone simultaneously onto the meeting, then onto new one yet twelve...

five people we stayed outside
It would have been necessary to be more violent
to go in before

I can understand the feeling and how upset you guys are especially after having a fan clun.

Were those twelve people VIP's or were they Enrique fans (?)

Did you not meet or find any of the Enrique Team to help you???

There were no fans
a vip room...

Save The Children 1-2 people

Whom I went to, he saw Fernando...

and he did not tell him

When he told me, my faith exploded
I was so angry... :/

Oh this is ridiculous that they were only 1 or 2 fans.

I hope Enrique team reads this and does something about it.

Fans who deserve to meet in their home country are unable / denied to meet Enrique despite of them promoting his songs etc..........this is ridiculous.

I have come across fans who attended about 8 to 9 concerts and finally have got to meet Enrique at his hotel last year - This particular fan travelled to UK, USA and several European countries.

Another fan who has travelled to many concerts has still not been able to meet E....am sure this fan will give up Enrique sooner or later if they don't meet E.....

Hope Enrique team looks into the matter to avoid such circumstances.

You should write an experience report to the website
With the title:

Encounter: the dressing door
Sorry, I'm a bit irony today
No, I can cry or laugh
It's so absurd

Damn I know how it feels especially

Enrique being in your country and not getting an opportunity to see or meet him or tell him how much you guys promote him.

I hope that time will heal you soon.

Unfortunately, I am not trusting in this... :(

I've been here for many years: (2009) - 9 years :D  :(

we have been a very active group for a long time,
  then everybody is tired of it over the years...:/



I made these groups, we were very active for a long time

I have not seen any amazing help over here over the years
But this is Enrique's official website

You stay active on the site and FB...

unfortunately I can not login with my old registration because my email address has been canceled long ago, and forgot the password :(

I am so sorry that this happened to you.   There are many things that I can say to you about the same subject.... I will take the time to write back with the best words when I can. 

But for now, I can fully understand your fan passion and how disappointed you are and I am so sorry this happened.


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