contest: win a chance to meet Enrique + VIP to his concert in Paris (moroccan fans)



Hey everyone!

there's a contest in my country..  with Morocco Telecom and universal music mobile you can win an opportunity to meet the HERO and win VIP tickets for his concert in Paris April 2nd...

what do you think guys, am i not the one who deserves this opportunity? :P yes i guess i'm :D :D

i want it so baaad

for more information check this out:




Un fuerto abrazo!

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That would be great! U have to win! it's the power of the forum fans ;)...good luck!
Thank you so much Ines, yes .. you're right, i have to get this special opportunity ^^
Yep you have;) maybe you can send a mail to maroctelecome and just say how bad you want this....try everything dude;)
They have this for souria??? wallah bes Margharb????
i have no idea :S
thanks a lot dear :D


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