contest: win a chance to meet Enrique + VIP to his concert in Paris (moroccan fans)



Hey everyone!

there's a contest in my country..  with Morocco Telecom and universal music mobile you can win an opportunity to meet the HERO and win VIP tickets for his concert in Paris April 2nd...

what do you think guys, am i not the one who deserves this opportunity? :P yes i guess i'm :D :D

i want it so baaad

for more information check this out:




Un fuerto abrazo!

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woww good luck
thank you Ameer, i really need some luck :D

Awesome ! I'm soooooooooo happy for you Brahim ! Good luck ! Am crossing my fingers and toes for you :o) !


Hildeke !

muchas gracias Madre :D  you're so nice ^^



I'm a Madre for something ;o) !


Tu Madre !

hahahaha yes you're right :D

thanks a lot,^^

concerning what you said about UK, i have no idea about it :S

ohh i am also in paris, but i cant meet him live.... :(

why is it only a contest for marocco?:(

good luck for everyone...


Whoooooooooooowwww Brahim!!!! thats amazing news!!!! i saw a commercial for the concert in Paris on a morocco chanel, my mom screamed Amany Enriqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! hahahahha she was watching it, lol!!!

but i didnt knew about the meet and greet yay!!! good luck deserve it!!!!

Thanks for sharing the video with us, he is sooooo cute!!!!


Good luck!!!



heey Amany, hahaha i can imagine how you were acting when you saw him :D :D

Thank you so much ^^, i reaally want to get this chance


Yeah hahah i was like aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Enrique!!! he is everwhere lol!

I really hope you could win this!!! what do you exactly have to do?

I will cross my fingers for you!

well.. all i need to do (which i already did :D)  is to go to the Maroc telecom agency, and buy a mobile there...(i got a message that i participated) that's all .

so.. we will see what's gonna happen by then :P


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