contest: win a chance to meet Enrique + VIP to his concert in Paris (moroccan fans)



Hey everyone!

there's a contest in my country..  with Morocco Telecom and universal music mobile you can win an opportunity to meet the HERO and win VIP tickets for his concert in Paris April 2nd...

what do you think guys, am i not the one who deserves this opportunity? :P yes i guess i'm :D :D

i want it so baaad

for more information check this out:




Un fuerto abrazo!

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good luck! I hope u win :)

OMG he looks sooo good in the video :D

thanks a lot dear, you can't imagine how much i want to get this chance..

BTW you both look cute in the photo ^^

yep, i hope so... gracias^^

OMG does that mean there are going to be VIP Packages for Paris ?? :-))

I wish you good luck Brahim !!!


Yes exactly ^^... thank you :D

I know what you are thinking. We are sisters for something right ? Hehehe :o) !


Tu Hermanita !

hahahahaa .. you too ?

Me too what Mi Hermana ? That I think the same as you ? Or ??? You got me clueless now ! LOL !


Your sis !

Yes, were you thinking the same ?

Well that wasn't difficult when you write 'OMG does that mean there are going to be VIP Packages for Paris ?? :-))' !


Then what else can I think then : uh oh, she wants VIP ! LOL !


See, I'm a clever Hermanita ! Hi hi hi !


Tu Hermana !

hahaha .. but do you want VIP too ? I just wonder since there are no seating places, where the VIP would be then ? Or maybe it's like the Golden Circle tickets ?

I don't have a clue sis. But I'm sure we will found out soon :o) !


Tu Hermanita !


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