Hey guys,

We know how much Enrique loves Jack and Lucas - but I guess he is quite found of a variety of others too! From Elephants to ducks! And of course, a couple of other dogs from his childhood!! 

Hope you have some pics to add - Please share! I would love to see them all!


 Sorry for the blurry pic of little Enrique! Does anyone have a bigger pic...

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great pix thanks so much for sharing! I had never seen a lot of these.  People who love animals have big hearts and this I know is so true of Enrique.

Heres another one I have found! 

That's one big koala - I have held many koalas up until some years ago when they stopped you from holding them because of stressing them and any germs people may pass onto them!! Now a days you can only stand beside them in their tree and have your pic taken with them - I know this is what happens at Taronga park zoo in sydney anyway..


I'm sure for special visitors it would be allowed though..



I like his shirt :) And his facial expression

oooh my,,,

E has wonderful record with animals... :D

This isn't ENRIQUE ... unfortunately !  but these photos are exceptional !   it's a 8 year old boy who feeds the marmottes in the Alps mountains ... 

(if we love animals ... they render us a hundredfold  !!!   this is pure LOVE !   they never will betray us ! )

Cute kid! Cute animals!

Thank so much for all pics ... MARY  

I think that ENRIQUE is a lover of the life, simply ... everything that is alive on this earth ... this is what i feel through him

That's why we're all FAN !

Glad you enjoyed the picture! I totally agree with you!

there are four persons out there but the Dolphin ( seal or whatever !!! ) selected Enrique to kiss !

what we know about his beauty now, she already knew it  ! yeah I guess it's she !

Thank you so much for this pix.

Everybody know this pic ...


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