In collaboration with Save The Children, an exclusive Enrique Iglesias Shirt (Special Edition) will be auctioned to those attending the show in Toronto, ON, on July 6th. Only attendees to the Toronto, ON, show on Thursday, July 6th may participate!

Participants must follow these guidelines from now until, Wednesday, July 5th at 1:00 PM PST.

  • If you are not a member yet, register at
  • Leave a comment in this thread with your auction -- the highest bidder (the winner) will get to go backstage with a member of Enrique’s team to get their shirt signed by Enrique AND will also get to attend the Meet and Greet!

Winner must deposit the money in cash.


En colaboración con Save The Children, realizaremos una subasta de la playera exclusiva de Enrique Iglesias (Special Edition) solo para los asistentes al show de Toronto, ON el Jueves, 6 de Julio.

Los participantes deberán seguir las siguientes indicaciones a partir de este momento y hasta el Miercoles, 5 de Julio hasta las 1:00PM PST.

  • Si aún no eres miembro, registrarse en
  • Deja un comentario aquí con tu subasta – la subasta más alta (el ganador) tendrá la oportunidad de ir backstage a que Enrique le firme la playera Y también tendrá la oportunidad de asistir al Meet and Greet junto con un acompañante.

El ganador debe depositar el dinero en efectivo (moneda local).

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1:01 yay!!!!

My daughter is going to be SOOO excited!!!!

Unfortunately both Canada shows have been cancelled and postponed till October as Enrique is ill. 

OH I AM SO SAD ENRIQUE  ISN'T WELL!  Wishes for a speedy recovery!

We came up from Atlanta, GA, so we r also sad that it is cancelled but of course understand.  I guess we will just make it into an awesome family vacation with the 5 of us!  Thanks for letting me know.  Niagara Falls will have to take the place of the concert tomorrow then.  ; )  

Team EI, would you honor this auction for another concert for us please?  

Hi Heena, just wanted to know if you got a response from the EI team regarding this contest?


Hi Susan!  Unfortunately I have not heard from anyone at all.  : (

:( thanks

OMG !!! How is He ? Where did you hear this news ? OH God ,
I can bear anything but not his illness , Lets all pray for him !
Please tell me it is not serious :( :( :(

I hope you read this message Thank you for the concert in Krakow and Gdansk for the photo in Gdansk, but we need your person in Poland you are a wonderful man you have respect for fans you can get out of the car for one photo. When I was little and was informed on the internet that your concert is canceled because of illness I did not go to kindergarten. When in Gdansk after your arrival in the morning you stood beside me I could not say a word, I said only "Thank you for your music" You are motivation for me every day, your songs give me strength so please return to Poland.

is this auction still happening??? please respond
Is this auction still being honoured?


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