In collaboration with Save The Children, an exclusive Enrique Iglesias Heart Shirt (Special Edition) will be auctioned to those attending the show in Mashantucket on February 11.

Only attendees to the Mashantucket show on February 11 may participate!

Participants must follow these guidelines from now until Tuesday, February 9 at 12:00 PM local time:

  • If you are not a member yet, register at
  • Leave a comment in this thread with your auction -- the highest bidder (the winner) will get to go backstage with a member of Enrique’s team to get their shirt signed by Enrique AND will also get to attend the Meet and Greet!

Winner must deposit the money in cash.


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On moments like that one starts to wonder, why couldn´t you all win (as you made the bid at almost at the same time)

After all, it is for the good cause, so why turn it into a competition.

(Have fun at the concert, everyone!)

I'm back again.   I guess there were no actual rules to this auction or at least no rules that can be explained or justified.  Still no answer from Enrique Admin after I have asked numerous times for just an explanation of how these auction winners were picked.  That's all I have asked for, an explanation of the actual rule.  The highest bid before 12 didn't win.  The highest bid after 12 didn't win.   I still can't figure out how the winner won this auction.  I'm sure there is a reason and I'd like to know what it was.  

I know now I will never meet Enrique and I have accepted it. 

The show was absolutely fantastic of course because it was Enrique Iglesias.  I am your fan for life Enrique. 

And by the way, at the show Thursday night,  there was a post on the screen for over a full hour before the show that said they would pick two winners from the crowd wearing the heart shirts NOW!!!  It said NOW for over an hour.   Doesn't NOW mean NOW????   I never saw anyone come out that looked like they were looking for the supposed two winners.  I arrived early and I did not leave the arena for a meal break or a drink or to use the rest room the entire time before the show because I was waiting for the two winners to be picked and I wanted to make sure I would not lose out on the chance of winning and meeting Enrique. There was a DJ there that could have announced the winners  but if there were winners at all, it was not done publically and I have no idea when it happened or who was picked. It is possible I missed something but I don't think I did.  I am sure Enrique does not know about these types of details and he expects his team to handle these things professionally.  At this point while I hope they picked two separate winners, I really don't even believe they picked anyone. I know I am not being a good fan again but wouldn't you think they would let the crowd know when the winners were picked?  Just so you knew that you didn't win and can move on with enjoying the show and the pre show atmosphere?   But again, I don't expect any answer since I don't think anyone from the Enrique Admin actually reads anything here.  I wish I had a job that I didn't actually have to do something. 

I am happy that Save the Children has been helped by Enrique.  I'm sure its a great charity.  I'm glad the shirts sold out.  I did also buy another one at the show to help the cause. 

I'm not trying to offend any of the other bidders here or any other fans or especially the winner.   But I do want future bidders to be aware that there was no clear rule or explanation here for this auction.  I believe the process should be changed in future auctions but I predict nothing will change and nothing will come of this note, again.


I was there Feb 12, The show was great or maybe bcc was my first time.. I was there the whole time to see who got picked from the crowed..but nothing not s word ,no winners from the crowd ,no winners from Facebook also the asked to post s picture of your ticket to win see Enrique backstage well there also not a word , not even from the fans asking who won, after the concert I saw people post their picture with him from that day and their shirt, I recognized one lady because she was sitting close to me .. Anyways I was disappointed at that.. But I will love to know also


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