In collaboration with Save The Children, an exclusive Enrique Iglesias Shirt (Special Edition) will be auctioned to those attending the show in Budapest, Hungary, on March 11th. Only attendees to the Copenhagen, Denmark show on Sunday, June 3rd may participate!

Participants must follow these guidelines from now until, Friday, May 25th at 11:00 AM PST.

  • If you are not a member yet, register at
  • Leave a comment in this thread with your auction -- the highest bidder (the winner) will get to go backstage with a member of Enrique’s team to get their shirt signed by Enrique AND will also get to attend the Meet and Greet!

Winner must deposit the money in cash (Local currency, USD or Euros).


En colaboración con Save The Children, realizaremos una subasta de la playera exclusiva de Enrique Iglesias (Special Edition) solo para los asistentes al show de Copenhagen, Denmark el Domingo, 3 de Junio.

Los participantes deberán seguir las siguientes indicaciones a partir de este momento y hasta el Viernes, 25 de Mayo hasta las 11:00AM PST.

  • Si aún no eres miembro, registrarse en
  • Deja un comentario aquí con tu subasta – la subasta más alta (el ganador) tendrá la oportunidad de ir backstage a que Enrique le firme la playera Y también tendrá la oportunidad de asistir al Meet and Greet junto con un acompañante.

El ganador debe depositar el dinero en efectivo (moneda local, USD o Euros).

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Please come to France!!! 




300 €

Funny how the users : moonlight and Luna have bidded on all the other auctions on the other days. Clearly someone who is trying to bump up the prices! Criminals..... purposely bumping up the price who aren’t even genuine fans. Yeh u been caught out

They should be banned by the Mod.


Just 4 Enrique ... I am a true fan & I just started to bid last night for copenhagen after I didn't win for lisbon ,,, you don't know me & you break my heart for no reason ....

I see that you have been bidding for the Argentina; Slovenia etc shows in the past. Do you have tickets for the show???.

If yes, then please go ahead bidding since you are eligible.

That is my point. 

Yes I have ticket for all shows,,,, sometimes I wasn't be able to be online at the last moment so I lost & I didn't win,,,and twice I pulled out because of a friend ,,, another time I won 

, but for some reason they cancelled the meet & greet,,, that is why I participated in so many shows  ,,, because we don't know what happens at the end 


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