Zach, please make sure Enrique and Pitbull see this............I have nothing against all the songs they are performing, in fact I love them lots, but.......I think it would be totally 'refreshing', not to mention AWESOME for both the fans AND Pitbull/Enrique if they closed their shows with the song "Messin' Around".... especially in AUSTIN my hometown and where I will be seeing them.....please???....pretty please bring this to their attention! I thank you very very much if you could relay this message to them.

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That would be AWESOME!!!!!

They will never change it... Its like the same show pretty much.  New AMAZING set, but overall pretty much the same.  No one steps out of their comfort zone.

Hey Wanda here is your song----

Yup! There's nothing I would love more than to be Messin Around with Enrique...haha! Thanks Mickey!

I would love an only Enrique concert again, please!!! I went to Enrique/Pitbull for the first time and I will not spend the
money for the concert again.I prefer more songs from Enrique ... he has so many songs that I miss seeing live :(

Seems like Las Vegas is the only place that happens, Christina.  Unfortunately, there are many reasons why LV is difficult for me to go otherwise I would love to see Enrique there.

I know what you mean about the double concert .. . it costs more than Enrique only.  And many of us are not interested in seeing PB.  In fact, Enrique performed first both nights in NYC and we left after he performed.  If PB was first, obviously we would have watched his show.  I like 2 or many 3 of his songs.  But not enough that I would ever pay to see him only in concert.  I know a lot of people like him.  He's just not my taste in music.  Not crazy about rap.

Where did you see him, Christina?

Good to know if I end up in Las Vegas. I don't like pitbull enough for a concert either. I saw him at msg

Oh, you were at MSG, too?  Where were you sitting?  Did you go both nights?  I was in Section E the first night (section behind where the catwalk is), row 3.  I actually had a better view then the second night when I was in the very last row (26) of section B, a few rows back from where the catwalk ended.  We are by the side aisle, not center aisle.  Lots of tall folks in front of us.  LOL

I'm gonna send you a PM.

I sent a friend request so I will have to wait to send the PM.  I will send it if you accept my request.

Totally agree with both of you, Linda and Christina. However, if Enrique happens to see this discussion, just for the sake of supporting his 'friend', he just might insist on Pitbull going first at all their shows from hereon and we certainly dont want that to! Seriously, I miss the old days when it was JUST Enrique by himself touring along with his band. I have a friend who loves Paulina Rubio and he too, hates seeing other artists (namely rap) performing with her on the same bill,  whom he doesnt care for at all. I think thats why I make a special effort to see Enrique in Vegas because like Linda said, it is the only place where it is just him and no one else, plus the Colosseum is an awesome venue for him to play at since its smaller and more up and personal, as everyone has a good seat and view even if you are not within kissing distance....ha!

Just curious, why did you put "friend" in inverted commas? Are Enrique and Pitbull not really friends?

Yes, they are great friends Lanaroo. I just wanted to emphasis it....didnt mean to make it sound they were not. :)


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