Basic stems
рулетка кс го для бомжей Opening cases near the bottom "loss" and "metrorrhagia"
"The thing is not good, metrorrhagia"
And the poor things, will say:
"Do not lose, can... (hold, turn on Sniper, etc.)"
Groundwater event
A Tec-9 | ground water was bought at the high price as 680+(usually sold around 0.06) in Steam community shopping malls.
In a transaction, a player trans got a full warehouse of weapons on a deal with a groundwater.
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell, the date of birth: November 3, 1962, now in the company: Valve Software. After working for 13 years at Microsoft, Gabe Newell founded his own company: Valve Software. The former experience gave him the full experience of business operation, the latter experience may be more important: he brought huge economic benefits. The departure of Microsoft's New York, the dream of the establishment of a top game production company, and Valve Software in the absence of a few games, he has realized his dream. Valve at the beginning of the establishment of a large number of funds to ensure that this is only a few game companies can do, the situation is rare. "Half life" of the development time is longer than the game much longer, and because of liquidity reasons, no publisher of the pressure, so that the company can achieve perfection. As a result, the game has won a great deal of success in business and reviews, with a great deal of AI, a great script, a beautiful screen, and an interesting multiplayer connection.
Currently g fat has not yet issued:
Half life 3
Portal 3
Road to survival 3
Dragon spy
A mysterious sniper, few people see it true, as its introduction: no 200 is the key to your solution don't open its secrets (omega)
It is because of its high price, production is scarce, high levels of the Dragon legend.

ставки кс го

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