I know it is not new, but I've seen the ET episode recently on the youtube So I want to know what do you think about this order.
25 Sexiest Men in the World:

1. David Beckham (UK - soccer player)

2. Johnny Depp (USA - actor)

3. David Zepeda (Mexico - actor, model)

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Ireland - actor)

5. Djimon Hounsou (Benin - actor)

6. Dingdong Dantes (Philippines - actor, director)

7. John Abraham (India - actor)

8. Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden - soccer player)

9. Maciej Zakościelny (Poland - actor)

10. Ryan Reynolds (Canada - actor) i love him so much :o

11. Dan Carter (New Zealand - rugby player)

12. Michael Lewis (Israel - model)

13. Raoul Bova (Italy - actor)

14. Michel Gurfi (Argentina - actor)

15. Edison Chen (Canada - actor)

16. Keith Urban (Australia - singer)

17. Gilles Marini (France - actor)

18. Til Schweiger (Germany - actor, director)

19. Kostas Martakis (Greece - singer) I don't know him but he got nice eyes

20. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japan - actor)

21. Danny K (South Africa - singer)

22. Olivier Martinez (France - actor)

23. Mark Vanderloo (Netherlands - model)

24. Reynaldo Gianecchini (Brazil - actor)

25. Enrique Iglesias (Spain - singer)

In my opinion, this isn't fair, Enrique deserves a higher status of the twenty-fifth

Love, Hala

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You got it Mrs. Sadeyes, the list was accidentally posted backwards.  Our E is number one, that should be obvious.  Wonder if the person that posted it wrong got fired. Hopefully!  It's a terrible mistake to make.  hee hee.

Hahahaha yes Lindsay! It must be like that... because it's obvious who is the sexiest man in the world!! A sexy latin heartbreaker :P who made this chart was probably drunk since it's upside down, maybe he/she felt dizzy! LOL

Another bad mistake! I can't see Ronaldo anywhere!! How can anyone forget about Ronaldo who is sooooo sexy?? I can't even imagine xD

Enrique no 1,2,3,4,5,6....................................................ha ha:)

When no other man compares, I believe Enrique is 1-25.  Why post the others anyway?  Seems only futile when no one else comes close to his amazingness.  

Yes the worker who posted this list could have been drinking too much.  I can't think of any other reason he didn't make number 1.  Lol.

Yup LOL Tracey..you got it..there is no beauty in eye of beholder with Enrique,the most handsome in the world hands down..and his heart makes him double..best looking and nicest..and it is totally the facts..objectve, none of these others hold a candle..out of these Depp is 2 for me..LOL..Sarah

Wth.....disx fuckkenn wrong....in all parts....
Who da.helll r demm....omg....its alll freakinnn unfair....


I think , something wrong has happened  because No 25 is the No. 1  , Our Hero is the 1   !!!

some guys in this list are neither handsome nor sexy !!

Yes...David Beckham shouldn't even be on this list LOL....all those tattoos are horrible......he is not sexy at all......but where oh where is Tom Cruise in this list......he is a real cutie......in fact speaking of Tom Cruise has anyone seen Mission Impossible 4, I was thinking of going to see it today!  OMG I love this man!  Just the right height for me too LOL......

In my opinion Enrique is #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes..but he's off limits so....#21 will do for me...could be the country he is from .......actually I have never heard of this guy before but I like dark hair .....so he will do!

in my opinion # 4 is the best ...haha  !!

Enrique is # 1....... Some men are nice looking, But if they judged them all on looks and there personality, we know Enrique with know doubt be at the top.....He cracks me up, when he is in a interview and the reporter asks a stupid question. Enrique always turns it around on them......Makes me smile.......FROM YOUR BEST FAN...... Charlene


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