Why Does My Dog Howl When I Play Enrique Iglesias?

We all have a soft spot for Enrique Iglesias. His music still appears in the charts not to mention his handsome looks and gorgeous voice, but does your dog howl every time he hears Enrique music? Nothing is wrong with your dog he is just reacting to the music. It’s quite normal for a dog to respond to music or high-pitched sounds by howling or barking.

Howling when listening to Enrique Iglesias

Dogs are attracted to high-pitched sounds in songs that are involved with piano playing, clarinets or saxophones. Female singers with high-pitched tones can also send your dog into a howling frenzy. When your dog hears the particular music, he will react by howling. Certain sounds in songs your dog can hear can resemble that of another dog. Your dog may respond, thinking he is communicating with another dog in the distance. Dogs don’t enjoy music such as bass and electric guitars as they have an entirely different sound range to that of a human.

Is it just a coincidence?

It is most likely a coincidence that your dog howls when you play Enrique Iglesias music, he probably has the same instrument in many songs that your dog is attracted to. Howling dates to wolves. It is a natural method of communication for dogs. Howling reaches further distances than barking or growling. Howling is how they communicate over long distances often to summon the pack together or too warm of danger. Some dogs will howl more than others, and you will find it will only be certain songs that set a dog off.

Most times your dog will just howl, and then stop shortly after. He won’t show any other behaviors while howling. If it doesn't worry you just let him go. If it becomes a concern or is disrupting you can try listening to the song in pieces play a small section then turn it down low then higher for longer, etc. Gradually get him used to it overtime eventually he will ignore the noise and not worry about it. You could also just try distracting him with one of the better dog toys out there like one of my dog’s TufToys.

Therefore you can make a scheme to check that your dog is comfortable with which type or music. This way you can make your dog used to listen your favorite singer Enrique Iglesias as well.

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