Whether it's called brain training or cranial callisthenics, you'll have noticed the new interest in exercising the brain. With Alzheimer's disease rising as the population ages, brain games and problem-solving are gaining popularity. Brain exercise isn't just for elderly people. There are brain games for babies and IQ2 Brain Fomula people with brain damage. Programs feature in schools and are endorsed by major employers.Scientists are divided on the usefulness of brain workouts. Some studies seem to show positive results, but some neuro-scientists say that they are based on over-simplified ideas about brain function. Regardless, users report that regular brain games improve concentration, memory and alertness. Unlike exercises that claim to develop abilities allegedly located in the right or left brain, whole brain exercises are geared towards integrating the two sides, or comprise a range of exercises targeting all brain areas. They include:

Derived from kinesiology, the basis of the cross crawl is rhythmic movement. The idea is that babies are born 'homolateral', with the right brain governing the right side of the body, the left brain the left side. It is claimed that cross crawls for babies help transfer the energies, so that right-brain - left body and left-brain - right body connect.In adults, it is said to help integrate the functioning of the two sides of the brain, speeding communication through the corpus callosum, improving dyslexia and boosting the immune system, amongst other benefits. It involves alternately touching the right hand (standing) or elbow (seated) to the left knee and vice versa, 25 times each or for 2 minutes.


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