I was one of the first guy to join this website back in 2009, anyone that old here?


I joined this website in 2009 where there was a chat room here as well and at that time, 

sometime Enrique himself came and replied to us. 

Life has changed yeah 

anyone that old in here ??? really missing those amazing days, 

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yes I had great time before chat with special one!!

I miss those time!

I joined this site in 2001... Hildeke is the oldest here...

I joined in 2003 back when Texy was moderator, we used to have fun, Enrique would come in on another name and check it out, he was funny too....

great old times. 

must be on old website ? ye

Yes I think she's been here since 2000 or so. I remember being on the old site for a short while in 2003, but then left only to come back in 2007.

You can check-out any time you like, ...But you can never leave ! ;-)))

I don't remember the exact year I joined, but I DO remember that he was non-attached and sang many ballads - the good ole days.  It was definitely before the 7 EP!  Besos Anita and Hildeke!

Hey Boo!!

I am a member since 2000 and could not sign in and registered again in 2001.

I was also the featured fan in 2003 those days were amazing when we could read stories on how we became fans.

Enrique and his Manager should come back and post......it would be so much fun.

Hope they are back again.

I think Enrique will not come back here. He "works" a lot, and we are "just" fans. He lets us to be close to him on his concerts cos we make him money. But he has a private life....not for us. We are fans. Not friends or lovers. We are the "secomd row".

Enrique reads this forum, he is always here, he has said that before, he might not post much but he is here and reads everything....

He used to read it earlier but now with the different social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat I doubt if he visits the forum regularly.

There is not much to read too.


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