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Enrique 's duet with Kylie Minogue on a ballad track named "beautiful "

Hi guys!

New York (Reuters) -. Their respective fans were waiting and had created mixtures Internet "amateur" way with two hits, but now Kylie Minogue and Enrique Iglesias have
recorded a new song together, BEAUTIFUL, which will be included in the Spanish artist's new album, on sale in March.
As he explains the singer danced or Hero Efe, is a BALLAD he wrote a year ago and finally decided to send it to Minogue to see if he liked. Right now just finished mixing sounds
in time to include it in their next release, yet untitled.
"If pactas collaboration before have the song done, sometimes it never happens. Creas some pressure and it's not easy. This had it already written a year and three months ago
I thought of it, because something happened. Worked with someone with where she had worked and asked me, "said Iglesias.
The Australian singer, soon to receive, called Churches. "He told me he loved me and asked, 'Why do not we sing together?'" Says the singer.
Beautiful will join other songs that have been coming out as singles from the album, as I'm a freak, which collaborates again with Pitbull, the loser, Marco Antonio Solis, and
Loco, with Romeo Santos.
The son of Julio Iglesias has previously collaborated with artists such as Whitney Houston (in Could I have your kiss forever), Juan Luis Guerra (Everybody's), Nicole Scherzinger
(Heartbeat) or Daddy Yankee and Jay Alex (in Finally Found You).
"In the last four or five years of my career, I realized that it is important to mess with other artists in the studio. Richer both my albums as my concerts ago," explains who got
one of the biggest hits of his career in 2010 to record with Pitbull I like it.
Regarding his relationship with Kylie Minogue, their fans have created an internet "mash up" or mixing two songs On a nigh like this, pop diva, and Tonight, Iglesias with
Both delivered in 2002 an award together at the 2002 Video Music Awards, but now edited for the first time a set topic.


Can't wait!!!!!!!!

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Can't wait

looking forward to hearing it on the new album

This song was originally for Elle goulding but recorded with kylie instead....

How do you know that? In the tekst he is quoted as saying only three months ago he decided to ask another artist..

Some years ago he sang with the artists: Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie.And now with Kylie??? Oh no!

ooh,i am not beautiful,my love is beautiful 

"MY LIFE" it's too beautiful beautiful my life away!

Climb up to the mountain rocks

And dive to the ocean deep blue sea!

Would you come with me Baby?

We won't get sink we love each ....Looking forward that "BEAUTIFUL".

your lucky,i wish that my life was beautiful and happy

Not sure but this was comment i saw "Murray Chalmers PR just tweeted March 16th release date for the single." BEAUTIFUL! or it's about the Kylie's single "Into the blue"

Enrique has collaborated with kylie in her upcoming Album in the second single called "Faints"....don't know it's a confirmed news but all Comments post....

Enrique Iglesias to sing duet with Kylie Minogue on next album

New York, Jan 10 (EFE) - Their fans have been waiting for it and have even created mash-ups on the Internet of their individual hits, but now Enrique Iglesias and Kylie Minogue have recorded a new song together that will be included on the Spaniard's next album, due out in March.

"Beautiful" is a ballad he wrote a year ago and which, finally, he decided to send to Minogue to see if she liked it, Iglesias told Efe.

The sound mix was finished just in time to include in his next and as yet untitled disc.

"If you confirm a collaboration before the song has been written, sometimes it never happens. You put yourself under a certain pressure and it's not easy. I had written this one a year ago and just three months ago I thought of her because something happened. I was working with someone who had worked with her and who suggested it to me," Iglesias said.

Soon after receiving the song, the Australian singer called Iglesias. "She told me she loved it and asked me, 'Why don't we sing it together?'" the singer said.

"Beautiful" will be added to other songs that have been released as singles from the disc, such as "I'm a Freak", in which he once more does a duo with Pitbull, "El Perdedor" with Marco Antonio Solis, and "Loco" with Romeo Santos.

"In the last four or five years of my career I've realized the importance of putting myself in the studio with other artists. It makes both my discs and my concerts that much richer," Iglesias said.



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