Don't know if it's true, but here is an article.

You can use the translator. 

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The press like to make up stories I believe that Enrique and Anna are happy as they're no matter what is thrown at them!

Sadly, this is what the media and the world of entertainment has dwindled down to and that is resorting to made up stories just to sell.  The best way to find out if Ricky (Enrique) is getting married would be to see if he says he is, b/c he never keeps secrets from his fans.  I agree with many of you on this post that this is a phony story coming from a source that wants attention.  Besos loves!

Good for the both of them bUT i.doubt it's true I know from meeting him 10 yrs ago that he's a playboy type who won't settle down in marriage just a novia.

But after all these years, would he really be considered a playboy if he's been with the same woman?


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